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 Rectangular cushion / patterned / fabric...

Rectangular cushion / patterned / fabric...HERRINGBONE by Studio MLR

 Wooden storage box

Wooden storage boxGEM by Fraii

 Contemporary rug / patterned / wool / cotton

Contemporary rug / patterned / wool / cottonRAINING CIRCLE by Rikke Malling

 Wooden sculpture

Wooden sculptureNUNU by Steffen Juul

 Oak serving tray / metal / for domestic...

Oak serving tray / metal / for domestic...LOOP by Julie Tolvanen

 Glazed ceramic garden pot / free-standing...

Glazed ceramic garden pot / free-standing...HINKEN by Silje Nesdal & Ann Kristin Einarsen

 Metal candle holder

Metal candle holderTAP by Bette Eklund

 Metal candle holder

Metal candle holderCLUSTER by Silje Nesdal

 Wall-mounted mirror / contemporary / round...

Wall-mounted mirror / contemporary / round...BARB by Martin Zanolin

 Wall-mounted mirror / with integrated clock...

Wall-mounted mirror / with integrated clock...TIMEWATCH by Agata Nowak

 Wall-mounted mirror / with shelf / contemporary...

Wall-mounted mirror / with shelf / contemporary...POCKET by Daniel Schofield

 Metal garden pot / round / home

Metal garden pot / round / homePIDESTALL by Emilie Stahl Carlsen

 Oak serving tray / for domestic use

Oak serving tray / for domestic useRACKET by Terkel Skou Steffensen

 Table lamp / contemporary / sheet metal...

Table lamp / contemporary / sheet metal...BENSHEE by Jannis Ellenberger

 Desk lamp / contemporary / painted aluminum...

Desk lamp / contemporary / painted aluminum...STUDY by M-S-D-S

 Contemporary wall light / aluminum / LED...

Contemporary wall light / aluminum / LED...LADDER by M-S-D-S

 Pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum /...

Pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum /...ANNULAR by M-S-D-S

 Contemporary wall light / metal / LED /...

Contemporary wall light / metal / LED /...MERCURY by Jeanette Holdgaard

 Contemporary coat hook / oak

Contemporary coat hook / oakTAIL by Kasper Nyman

 Contemporary entryway cabinet / wall-mounted...

Contemporary entryway cabinet / wall-mounted...TÖJBOX by Made by Michael

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